Taoist Meditation Workshops

Four Workshops:  Saturday 1-4pm: June 4th, 11th, 18th, & 25th

“Without stirring abroad

One can know the whole world;

Without looking out the window

One can see the way of heaven..”

(From the Tao Te Ching)

Over 3000 years ago Lao Tzu transcribed the Tao Te Ching at the request of his students before he went into solitary retreat. People look to this ancient text today for its wisdom and thematic advice; however, practitioners of Taoist Internal Arts see the Tao Te Ching as a practical instruction book with very specific directions hidden under the veneer of symbolism and metaphor. In this Friday night spotlight, we will go beyond conceptualization and enjoy the direct experience of connecting with the Tao, following closely to directions from Lao Tzu.

The ancient Taoists were like internal engineers, or “inner astronauts,” people who saw the human body as a vehicle with inconceivable capacities to convert the raw energy of life (called jing) into a pure spiritual connection with the divine (shen). Through years of detailed experiments and practice they learned time-tested methods to:

-Smooth the Emotions and Reduce Stress

-Increase Energy

– Circulate Fluids and Energy, Freely

-Enjoy Deep Relaxation and Inner Peace

-Strengthen the Immune System

-Align with the Natural World

-Connect with the Body’s Natural Nervous System’s Baseline

-Cultivate Relaxed Focus

-Sharpen the Intellect

-Nourish the Organs and Remove Toxins

-Flow Gracefully Amidst Great Change

-Open Natural Intuitive Capacities

Waking Up the Eight Energy Bodies, Cultivating Aliveness

Saturday, June 4th

From the Tao Te Ching: “Can you polish your mysterious mirror and leave no blemish?”

  •       Learn “Standing and Dissolving” Chi Gung & Meditation
  •       Understand the Taoist version of the Chakra system called “The Eight Energy Bodies”
  •       Practice Taoist Circular Breathing
  •       Release and relax the nerves, ligaments, and tendons
  •       Wake up the spinal chord

Reviving Yin, Celebrating Feminine Aspects of Consciousness

Saturday, June 11th

From the Tao Te Ching: “To hold fast to the submissive is called strength.”

  •       Understand why Taoists consider our culture and time period to be tremendously “Yin Deficient”
  •       Practice Water Element Chi Gung and Breathing to balance Yin and Yang
  •       Alleviate Yin Constrictions through Opening Energy Channel “Pump Stations”
  •       Soften Yang Blockages with Cloud Hands Chi Gung movement
  •       Connect to the Earth and Pulse the Foot and Ankle Joints

The Gentle Rain: Chi Gung to Open the Heart

Saturday, June 18th

From the Tao Te Ching: “In concentrating on your breath, Can you become as supple as a babe?”

  •       Discover the Taoist Concept of Heart-Mind
  •       Initiate Cloud Hands Chi Gung from the quiet space of Heart Mind
  •       Discuss the Four Attributes of an Open Heart
  •       Practice Unconditional Love Meditation
  •       Soothe and release tension in the Etheric Body
  •       Breathe and liberate blockages to feeling your heart

The Crack in the Windshield: Healing Trauma with Taoist Dissolving Meditation

Saturday, June 25th

From the Tao Te Ching:“Blunt the sharpness, Untangle the Knots, Soften the Glare. Let your wheels move only along old ruts.”

  •       Explore Taoist explanation of Karma’s manifestation in energetic blockages
  •       Work with the Energy Bodies through Inner Dissolving Water Meditation
  •       Explore your Central Channel
  •       Spread Chi to the Extremities
  •       Connect with Source and Let Go

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Weekly Class: Personal Cultivation for Acupuncturists  at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, May 2-June 24th

In this class Lacey Segal will share Taoist Neigung  practices, techniques from Healing Touch and Theta Healing  as well as Tibetan Buddhist meditation methods to help acupuncturists stay healthy while treating patients. Burn out, a common experience for anyone in the field of service, can happen as a result of “picking up” too much energy from other people, or accidentally expending personal life force energy to heal others. This class will be a practical way to help acupuncturists stay enthusiastic and compassionate as they work with clients.


  • Keeping your energetic vibration high to facilitate patients’ healing
  • How to notice intrusive energy before it enters your energy field
  • Avoiding absorbing patients’ unhealthy energetic configurations
  • How to clear & release energy that you might have “picked up” from others
  • Practices to open the heart  to patients
  • Smoothing of the emotions
  • Dissolving your own blockages that can resonate with blockages in patients
  • Balancing the Yin and Yang flows in the body
  • Cultivating more Chi!
  • Relaxing deeply into your body

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