Mission Trails Power Spot Meditation

              Sunday, June 26th, 5pm at Mission Trails Park
What it is:
I have been practicing at Mission Trails almost daily for the past 4 months. I have come to discover that this park is a space very conducive for peaceful meditation. Certain locations in the park feel incredibly peaceful. When a location has that certain something which can be hard to describe in words, but felt all over the body, it can be called a “power spot.”  These spots are the opposite of secret: they are hidden in plain sight! However,  they reveal their secrets when one is able to slow down, relax, and tune in. I will take you to the two most potent spots which are very easily accessible, requiring a short walk (.5 mile each way—or you can even drive and park near them) to get to. 
What we will do: I will show you the interplay of yin and yang as displayed by the land formations and discuss the symbolism. We will practice meditation together, do a little chi gung, and I’ll guide you through some deep relaxation.
What you need: Comfortable clothes, sun protection/something to wear for the weather, something to sit on (like a yoga mat), something to use as an “offering” to the land. It has to be something that comes from your heart that can be left on the ground to biodegrade. You can also visualize an offering. 
Practical Stuff:
The park closes at 7pm; So 5pm seemed like the best time to start. Meet just outside the gates to the road and park near the gates, not in the visitor center parking lot. There is an event called Summer Fest, starting at 6pm. I am hopeful that it will not be too busy because of that. Please RSVP if you are coming. 
The park is off of Mission Gorge Road. 

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