Meditation Hike with The Idaho Conservation League

I led a meditaiton hike with the Idaho Conservation League this summer. We went to Mill Lake, a beautiful alpine hike 40 minutes from Ketchem, and we connected with the earth, feeling our inner senses enliven.

Meditation is a great method to help people connect to the earth. When practitioners naturally develop energetic sensitivity, they begin to feel the earth’s electromagnetic pulsations. If land is healthy and vibrant, aware practitioners can sense this because it is so conducive for meditation.  There are fewer psychic disturbances and it is easier to develop clarity.

If the land is out of balance, practitioners often feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or simply flat.

Another way to explain this phenomenon would be if a meditator practices breathing on a regular basis; and as a result, develops more sensitivity to actually notice how the air feels entering her lungs.  For a practitioner who has “woken up” her lungs, air pollution becomes absolutely intolerable! Nothing changes in regard to how the air pollution affects the human body on a physical level; however, now the person breathing is aware of the toxins entering her system. Before she might have intellectually known that the air was polluted, but now she knows from direct experience. 

When we cultivate this level of awareness, our personal motivation to be good stewards of the land becomes immediate. We no longer need to summon motivation based on abstract knowledge.  In this regard, meditation is a powerful environmental activism, one that happens organically, one person at a time.

This experience with the Idaho Conservation League was so wonderful. We hiked; we talked about Idaho’s most pressing environmental issues, and we did a 45 minute meditation. When it ended, the group of fifteen thought we had only been meditating for 5 minutes! The energy of the earth can really help the heart and mind to settle. 

I am seeking other environmental organizations to collaborate with in the near future. Contact me if you know an environmental organization seeking a meditation leader.