Mindfulness Meditation For Teens

Awake and Alive: Coming Home to Your Body: an 8 Part Series for teens, in collaboration with The Winter Feast for the Soul. Click the links below to listen to  guided meditations!

Breathing from the Heels

The Eyes, A Window to the Soul

Blessing the Under­blessed, Heart Fitness

Massaging the Organs

Vitality from the Lower Belly

Blood, Breath, and Energy, A Tiny Symphony

Healing Hands

Whole Body Connection

Bonus Sessions~

Wisdom of a Tree

Alive Like the Ocean

Coming Soon: The Winter Feast For the Soul 2014, a 40 part series for teens and young adults led by  Galya Segal. Begins January 15th! Galya will be teaching a three part series:  Meditations Inspired by the Wilderness, Heart-Centered Energetic Practice, and Ceremonial Rites of Passage.



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