Current Classes

Courage in Uncertain Times: A Meditation Series to Build Community at the Jewish Federation, January–April, 2017:

  • Inviting the Relaxation Response
  • Maintaining Calm Focus Under Pressure
  • Bridging Silos of the Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Welcoming ‘Beginner’s Mind’
  • Cultivating Wise Speech, Understanding the Nature of Gossip
  • Sitting With Dignity: Letting Go of Shame and Blame
  • Responding vs. Reacting from Fear
  • Going Beyond In-Group Compassion to Non-Referential Compassion
  • Working with the Energy of Anger
  • Trusting Your Inner Knowing

*Classes take place on Wednesdays at 3pm in the Lower Lobby

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New year, new possibilities.

Please join me and the Russian Speaking Jewish Community of San Francisco for a rejuvenating Rosh Hashanah meditation session at Gray Whale State Beach on October 2nd at sunset. We will get our mind, body and spirit in tune with the great ocean, and prepare ourselves for the holiest of days in the Jewish calendar.